Utility library for Micromouse robots


mazesim is a C++ library that provides high-level utilities for a Micromouse maze solving robot.

To build a Micromouse robot, three main problems need to be solved.

This library solves the last problem for you. mazesim provides the high-level concepts required for solving mazes:

mazesim originally got its name from 'maze simulator'. The name probably doesn't fit very well anymore, because the library is intended to be generalized and simple so that it is useful for controlling real robots. The library by itself is just a collection of useful tools.

For a proof of concept, the example directory contains an example program that does simulate a robot. The output can be viewed with a graphical interface, which requires a graphics toolkit called Tcl/Tk to be installed on your system.



Maze Maker


Current Development Versions

Where mazesim is structured as a library.

Name Size README
mazesim-current-20160528.tar.gz 13K README 18K README
mazesim-current-20160610.tar.gz 13K README 18K README
mazesim-current-20160706.tar.gz 12K README 20K README

Rewrite Versions

These versions were a "rewrite" of the original mazesim to be more useful and more portable. C and GTK got dumped for C++ and Tcl/Tk.

Name Size README
mazesim-rewrite-20160122.tar.gz 8.9K README 13K README
mazesim-rewrite-20160126.tar.gz 14K README 16K README
mazesim-rewrite-20160207.tar.gz 14K README 17K README
mazesim-rewrite-20160208.tar.gz 14K README 17K README
mazesim-rewrite-20160228.tar.gz 18K README 20K README
mazesim-rewrite-20160317.tar.gz 17K README 21K README
mazesim-rewrite-20160329.tar.gz 19K README 22K README

The Original Project

The original project was strictly a simulator. These packages depend on GTK+-3.0 and use the GNU autotools for building.

Notice: Versions before mazesim-current-20151116 have an error in the installation instructions. The command ./compile is wrong and will not configure the package. The correct command is ./configure.

Name Size README
mazesim-current-20150918.tar.gz 90K README
mazesim-current-20150923.tar.gz 93K README
mazesim-current-20150926.tar.gz 93K README
mazesim-current-20151004.tar.gz 96K README
mazesim-current-20151006.tar.gz 98K README
mazesim-current-20151014.tar.gz 101K README
mazesim-current-20151106.tar.gz 107K README
mazesim-current-20151116.tar.gz 107K README
mazesim-current-20151125.tar.gz 111K README
mazesim-current-20151127.tar.gz 112K README
mazesim-current-20151216.tar.gz 112K README